Between the undersigned :


TAXI MOTO LINE, a simplified joint-stock company with capital of €10,000,
At 128, rue de la Boétie 75008 PARIS, RCS PARIS 539889030.
Hereinafter “TAXI MOTO LINE”,

And: The person transported as part of the service provision
Hereinafter “the Client”,
TAXI MOTO LINE and the Customer are collectively referred to as the “Parties” or individually a “Party”.


  1. Application fields


These T&Cs apply to all of our services. They cannot under any circumstances be modified by contrary stipulations made by a customer and/or a passenger on the estimate, the invoice, the monitoring of consumption or in its general conditions of purchase.
The customer and/or passenger acknowledges having read and unreservedly accepted these General Conditions of Sale set out on the website at the time of the order and before any start of the service.


  1. Access to service


TAXI MOTO LINE offers its services of motorcycle taxi and tourist car with driver to any passenger (individual or company) who wishes to go to the areas covered by the company TAXI MOTO LINE.
The customer, if he wishes to use the services, reserves a vehicle with driver via:

-The website via the pre-booking form on the taximotoline.fr website.
Depending on our availability, a tele-operator will confirm this order via sms, WhatsApp or email.

En fonction de nos disponibilités, un télé-opérateur confirmera cette commande via sms, WhatsApp ou mail.
-Telephone on +33 651 612 712, in order to confirm the service, the tele-operator will then invite the customer to validate his reservation via the dedicated form, present on the taximotoline.fr website or via sms or WhatsApp.
In all cases, the customer must indicate all of their contact details (surname, first name, telephone number, e-mail address) as well as the route to be taken (departure and destination addresses) and the desired times.
If the departure concerns an airport or a station, the customer must also indicate the reference of his flight or his train and the arrival time so that the driver is in compliance with the legislation in force.
It is the customer’s responsibility to verify the data provided when booking, sent by form, email or sms. He will then receive a confirmation.


  1. Prices


Our rates are displayed on the taximotoline.fr website. Indicative cost of journeys including tax (VAT rate of 10% for transfers, 20% for transfers)
For any trip, the minimum fare applied corresponds to the fare of a Paris / Paris trip (tariff changing according to the formula chosen by the customer, the travel time and possible increases applied).
TAXI MOTO LINE reserves the right to modify its rates without notice.
A price increase of twenty euros applies when the reservation is ordered within two hours of the start of the service.
In the event of very high demand linked to events beyond our control (transport strike, exceptional events, demonstrations, etc.), Taxi Moto Line reserves the right to apply a 50% increase on its prices (except reservations made before announcement of this event). The customer will always be notified of the increase upon confirmation.
Insurance, fuel, driver service are included in our flat rates.
For any non-flat-rate service, tolls, waiting hours or additional kilometers not provided for in the estimate will be invoiced in addition.

Provisions and tourist visits

Provisions are on weekdays from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and excluding public holidays. Beyond that, increases of 50% apply per hour.
Any hour started gives rise to the invoicing of a full hour.
A price increase of twenty euros applies when the reservation is ordered within 2 hours of the start of the service.
The availability is limited in number of kilometers according to the chosen formula.

The transfers
Long distance transfers will be subject to an estimate in advance.
An increase of one euro fifty cents per minute of waiting will be invoiced in addition to our packages, prices or quotes. A deductible of 10 minutes is applicable, beyond the tenth minute of waiting (the first ten minutes will be included in the waiting time).
(A delay of thirty minutes is tolerated for late trains and planes)
A price increase applies when the service takes place from Monday to Friday from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m., as well as on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. This increase is scalable according to the different non-working hours
After a waiting period of fifteen minutes at the meeting point and without a call from the customer, TAXI MOTO LINE will be entitled to consider that the reservation has been cancelled. The reservation will then be invoiced in full.

Event transportation
The pricing of event transport services is only on estimate.


  1. Payment Terms


Payment must be made in full to the driver by credit card, American Express or cash at the end of the trip (except for customers who have taken out a subscription available from our sales department). It is also possible to pay by credit card remotely by telephone, via our remote sales module by credit card or American Express.
For subscribers, invoices are payable upon receipt by bank transfer or credit card. Any invoice not paid within thirty days of receipt will result in formal notice and termination of the contract.
If the non-payment of an amount on the agreed due date has given rise to a formal notice, this will automatically lead to the application of penalties of an amount equal to one and a half times the legal interest rate.


  1. Delay, modification and cancellation of a trip.


Any delay will be charged one euro and fifty cents per minute of waiting in addition to our packages, rates or quotes during working hours. A deductible of 10 minutes is applicable, beyond the tenth minute of waiting (the first ten minutes will be integrated into the waiting time, thirty minutes offered for stations and airports, if the flight or the train is late ). For non-working hours refer to the price list in force on our website: taximotoline.fr
Any absence from the appointment, the time and day of which have been previously validated by telephone, sms, or email with our staff will be invoiced in full.
Beyond fifteen minutes, the drivers of the company TAXI MOTO LINE may consider the service as canceled, if the customer has not contacted our services.
In the event of a delay by the motorcycle taxi driver, no compensation can be claimed if the reason for the delay is beyond the control of the driver employed by the company TAXI MOTO LINE (bad weather, accidents, road traffic, diversion, works, breakdown unrelated poor maintenance, etc.).
Any modification of a journey will be subject to a tariff revision, if the modified journey includes an addition of kilometers or time, an additional cost of two euros per additional kilometer traveled or waiting time will be added to the initial price.
If the modified route is subject to a mileage reduction, the customer will not be entitled to any discount if the modification takes place less than two hours before the start of the service.
Any change to a journey made less than two hours before the start of the service ordered will be subject to an additional last-minute increase.
Any request for modification must be made by email via the address: contact@taximotoline.fr or sms or WhatsApp at +33 651 612 712
In the event of cancellation of a trip less than two hours before the agreed time, the entire trip will then be invoiced to the customer.


  1. Security


The company TAXI MOTO LINE reserves the right to terminate the service in progress and to ask passengers to get out of the vehicle if they do not comply with the safety instructions set out in these conditions of service. As well as if the external conditions beyond our control (environmental, meteorological, climatic, etc.) do not allow the journey to be carried out in complete safety.
Only “cabin” type baggage that meets airline standards, i.e. dimensions of
56cm x 45cm x 25cm and whose weight does not exceed 20 kg can be loaded on board vehicles in order to guarantee the safety of personal effects.
TAXI MOTO LINE expressly reserves the right to refuse a passenger whose luggage does not comply with this standard, without giving rise to reimbursement of the journey.


  1. Benefits and responsibilities of taxi moto line.


TAXI MOTO LINE undertakes to do what is necessary to get the passenger to their destination as soon as possible and in optimal safety conditions. As such, the driving and custody of the vehicle belong to TAXI MOTO LINE which complies with the rules of the Highway Code.
TAXI MOTO LINE reserves the right to subcontract its services to companies referenced by it.
The responsibility of TAXI MOTO LINE is guaranteed by a notoriously solvent insurance company which covers the risks related to its activity in accordance with the legislation in force.
Passengers, third party to the driver, are covered for all bodily injury, unlimited. Direct material and immaterial damage is covered with a ceiling set according to the current insurance contract.
The passenger’s insurance takes effect from boarding the vehicle until alighting, these two actions included, except for damage caused by the passenger’s fault.
For safety reasons, it is forbidden to smoke, to transport flammable, illicit, explosive, corrosive or toxic substances and dangerous objects.
Failure to comply with this clause engages the total responsibility of the passenger and exposes him to a pure and simple cancellation of his transport and this at any time without possible compensation.
Animals are not allowed for transport.
In the event of damage to the equipment or the vehicle due to the passenger, any repair or change of the equipment, whatever the causes, will be invoiced to the Customer.
Any damage caused to a third party as a result of passenger behavior that does not comply with basic safety rules would be the Customer’s responsibility.
TAXI MOTO LINE reserves the right to disembark its passenger from the vehicle if the latter does not comply with the safety instructions set out by TAXI MOTO LINE and this without it being possible to demand reimbursement of the service.
A vehicle breakdown which is not due to poor maintenance and which occurs on the journey to take care of the Customer or during the journey with the Customer, cannot under any circumstances give rise to compensation.


  1. Amendments


TAXI MOTO LINE reserves the right to modify these general conditions of sale at any time. Immediately, the new general conditions of sale will be posted on the website www.taximotoline.fr. They will replace these by right and will therefore apply to any commercial relationship with TAXI MOTO LINE.
The customer having a subscription, will have the possibility of refusing the adhesion to the new general conditions of sale, only on a valid subscription. He must then inform TAXI MOTO LINE by registered letter within 30 days of their online publication.
TAXI MOTO LINE reserves the right to modify the appearance of its commercial site, its content or any other aspect provided that this does not alter the quality of the service offered to customers.
TAXI MOTO LINE reserves the right to transfer to any other company the rights and obligations arising from these GCS on the sole condition that the new company does not modify the quality of service offered to customers.
TAXI MOTO LINE reserves the right to modify its tariff offer at any time. The new offer therefore applies to all new memberships and all new reservations. Customers with an account or a subscription will be notified by email (provided they have sent this information to TAXI MOTO LINE) at least 30 days before the new rates are put in place. The customer will have the possibility of refusing this modification only for valid subscriptions. He must then inform TAXI MOTO LINE by registered letter within 30 days of their online publication. The new pricing conditions will systematically take effect for all new subscription subscriptions.


  1. Complaints and disputes


In the event of a dispute, any complaint must be sent by registered letter accompanied by proof of the damage suffered, to our head office seven days at the latest after the service has been performed. After this period, no claim will be accepted. Any dispute of any nature whatsoever, failing amicable agreement, will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the commercial court.
No derogation from these conditions may be invoked.
The instructing client alone will bear the consequences, whatever they may be, resulting from declarations or documents that are erroneous, incomplete, inapplicable or provided late.
In the event of a dispute or dispute of any kind, only the Commercial Court of Paris has jurisdiction, provided that a complaint has been declared beforehand.
All the clauses appearing in these General Conditions of Sale are subject to French law.
If one or more provisions of these Conditions of Sale are null and void or inapplicable, the other stipulations will retain all their force and scope.
These conditions are applicable on 01/01/2018.

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